We can’t wait to welcome you to our new location

While we acknowledge that it’s difficult to replicate the iconic space of the legacy location on Broad St., we have carefully taken important considerations to bring some of the legacy elements of the old location and infuse them to bring about the new bright future in a new location.

Here is what we hope you will find in our new location. 

  • The brick exterior of the new High Point St. apartment building will help you feel at home as you enter the space. 
  • There is a separate entrance for takeout/ delivery orders that allows for convenient and speedy off-premises service. 
  • The interior décor will have a good mix of some of the storied antiques, tiffany lamps and signs from the legacy location as well as some new décor as well. 
  • The entire space is divided into 3 separate areas – 1) front bar and quick eats area for speedy lunch service or fun happy hour experience; 2) main trolley décor dining area; and 3) large, back dining room where we can host larger parties. We designed it so that you can feel like you are in a journey the minute you step inside. A journey that will take you from a train station, greeted in front of our luggage cart first and then step on the trolley train. Then you will reach your new destination, our large, open back room that opens up to many possibilities offered by the vast Columbus Commons. 
  • You will have the best view of the Columbus Commons in the main dining room in the back of the restaurant. The garage doors facing the park will open up during mild weather days to help you feel excited and in good spirits.
  • Fall in love all over again with our reimagined concept in this dynamic new space.