Where can I park and how much will it cost? How much

The Spaghetti Warehouse customers will be able to park at the Columbus Commons Main garage for up to two hours to enjoy our meals. Parking tickets will be validated by your server. Parking is $2 per two hours of parking for Spaghetti Warehouse customers.

Why are you moving?

The Spaghetti Warehouse does not own the property on W. Broad. St. We had a long-term for decades and unfortunately, since the building incident, we were concerned about how long it would take to make the necessary improvements and didn’t want to stay closed for too long. That is why we decided to relocate close to this location. This also provides us an opportunity to evolve our brand, something we have been discussing since the pandemic.

Will the trolley be at the new location?

We love our trolley and know that it is an icon element for our brand. The New Spaghetti Warehouse has a trolley tribute right in the center of the restaurant.

Will the menu be the same?

Long-time fans of Spaghetti Warehouse will be happy to know that our iconic items are still on the menu! Meals like our 15-layer lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken Parmesan, wedding soup, and sourdough bread with homemade garlic butter will be available – we will never forget our heritage. We also know we must modernize and improve our menu, evolve it towards the changing tastes, and ensure our food is of the highest consistency to match the higher expectations of consumers now. Our menu will honor Spaghetti Warehouse tradition while appealing to the next generations of customers.

Will the new restaurant be able to accommodate large parties/family gatherings?

Absolutely! One of the cornerstones of the new location is its flexible nature, and we will have small and large dining spaces for large parties. We can’t wait to host birthdays, family reunions, anniversaries, and celebrations at our new location.

Will you honor gift cards that couldn’t be redeemed before the original location closed?


Will the new location still be a place to bring kids or is it geared toward a more adult audience?

Families have and always will have a special place in our hearts and Spaghetti Warehouse. We will offer delicious homemade dishes priced reasonably, and all ages will love the atmosphere.

Will there be a lunch menu?

Yes – this is Coming Soon! We will ensure you can get quick service and great-tasting food at reasonable prices.

Will curbside pick-up be available? Third-party delivery?

The new space has a separate entrance for takeout, delivery, and catering. We are quite excited about this! Coming Soon in 2024!

Will catering be available?

Absolutely! There will be a separate catering menu, ordering online and/or our customers can call the restaurant directly to pre-order catering for future dates. Although we have a smaller space, we will still service all catering needs. Coming Soon in 2024!

Will you maintain the name since the new location isn’t a warehouse?

The Spaghetti Warehouse is our brand name. The location at 150 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215 will be The Spaghetti Warehouse. We are committed to transforming our brand without losing what makes The Spaghetti Warehouse so iconic in Columbus.

What about handicap parking?

For our guests with mobility issues, there are handicap parking spaces in the Columbus Commons Garage.